Sunday, February 14, 2010

The auditory delight of a couple of evenings ago was so great and I carried it around with me so completely that I am surprised it failed to appear in the form of a post to this blog. Namely: An extraordinary group of dedicated young actors who call themselves The Fiasco Theatre hosted an absolutely hysterical Valentine's Day party for their audience. Half of this audience is types like myself, of a certain age, dressed the way we dress. The other half is young theatre types.

The company of 7 or 8 sat around in a semi-circle, taking turns doing little skits, reading Shakespeare sonnets, singing songs of various descriptions, playing instruments, each outdoing the others in style, in verve, having irresistible fun.

I laughed until I cried.

But the beauty of it penetrated every note of music I played yesterday and today: relishing every unexpected turn of a line, every magical harmonic juxtaposition, treating every syllable as an invitation to discovery of hidden possible meaning.