Saturday, November 23, 2013

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Ramin Arjomand: Improvisation that Inspires

It was the third time I heard Ramin Arjomand perform one of his hour-plus uninterrupted improvisations on the piano.  I would go back and hear him again and again.  There is no way that I can categorize or describe his playing or the way his mind works, other than to say that it seems to me, in many respects, the exact opposite of what I do at the instrument.

We clearly belong to different generations and our work arises from different sound environments.  But I believe that we share a deep desire to connect our sound environment, whatever it be, to internal attentiveness of a purely musical kind.

I enjoy listening to improvisation and learn a great deal from regular exposure to some masterful improvisors.  The need to follow structure or form always struck me as completely irrelevant to the musical experience.  To be purely taken up in the body of the sound suffices.

He gives a lot to think about.