Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Music and the Child in Us

Too much seems to be at stake for many young people face to face with classical music: They seem to have the impression that listening involves some kind of preparation or effort, neither of which they have or want to have. 

Why can't they simply listen, even better, be still and listen. 

Being still may be part of the problem in a culture in which everything makes noise, from refrigerator motors to cars being unlocked. 

But a greater part of the problem is the notion embedded in the phenomenon of Music Appreciation, a major league scam if ever there was one. 

One bright high school student of several decades ago told me that he dutifully identified themes A, A (1), A (2) and B in a work played for the final exam in MuzApp though, in fact, they were all the same.

Better to contemplate the combolulous cauliflower.