Thursday, October 30, 2014

Live - Better than Perfect

The mark of a truly live performer is that you, the audience, are made to feel like part of the act, an integral part, in fact.  Without you, the listener, the performer cannot exist.  Without you, the listener, the art is simply technique.

Transformed by being listened to technique becomes the vehicle of interpersonal exchange, always two-way, never repeated, always new.

Please support live performance.

Learn to distinguish between truly live performance and rehash of recorded perfection - a new genre.  One for which conservatories are now granting degrees, it seems.
You learn the difference by going to hear live music often and in different settings.  Start with your local music school: the students need people in the seats and it is good practice for all concerned.  With a little practice on your end you may soon figure out when it is time to stand up and boo.