Friday, November 30, 2012

sT R ing Improvisations

Starting today I will be exhibiting my s T R ing Improvisations at the annual Crafts at the Cathedral fair at St. John the Divine in New York City.  As a child I dreamed of one day inhabiting a mansion of which one room would be devoted entirely to sound, another entirely to color.  And that is where I live.

The string with which I work is all recycled: leftovers and scraps given me by friends, mostly by a former neighbor who is a designer of knitwear; or from previously knit garments or fabric I unravel for this new use. That the two rooms in my mansion are connected is encrypted in the odd typography of the word "string:" the sales support Tonal Refraction, my method of arousing holistic awareness of responses to tone through color associations. 

The garments are all my own design, entirely improvised, one-of-a-kind and mostly one-size-fits-many-if-not-all.  The fair runs today, Nov. 30 5 - 8 pm; tomorrow Dec. 1 from 11 to 6, and Sunday Dec. 2 from 11 to 5.  Do stop by and say hello.