Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fast, Faster

Light moves faster than sound.  I cannot feel light move any more than I can confirm that the earth revolves around the sun by looking out the window.

I am aware of the vibrations of sound: I feel them in my body.  Knowing that there are 16,000 vibrating sensor-tipped hair cells in each cochlea (a total of 32,000) helped me understand my fascination with the sound of the piano.  So much motion!  And all inside organs the size of peas.

So, then, what about color?  Color is a function of the variable vibrations of light.  Perhaps my vivid responses to color affirm that speed as well. 

I don't need to look out the window, but I do need to assert that the speed of my body cannot compare with the speed of my responses to both color or sound--real color; real sound.