Saturday, December 28, 2013

Music From the Inside Out

I have learned from years of thinking and observing based on the Tonal Refraction process that individuals have strong inner lives of tone.  Sometimes that life is brought out via an instrument, sometimes via singing, sometimes via a memory of some kind.

People have long wondered what gives music its meaning.  I maintain it is this inner life of tone.

Starting January 2014 I will  be teaching Music From the Inside Out:  a new approach to sonatas (or suites, or cycles) based on your own inner life of tone.

After many years teaching my piano students this technique and seeing that it works, I will now expand it to include players of all instruments and also singers.

You orient your choice of repertoire not by your technical level or some other mechanical proposition, but solely on the basis of your tone imagination.  Choosing from the table of contents of whatever collection you bring by whatever composer, n'importe qui, your selection reflects your tone orientation of the moment.  We go from there.  Nothing is too hard, or too easy, for that matter.

It is remarkable how the process engages even the most insecure pianist in the sonata as a process, working as if from the level of a composer or improvisor.  Hard becomes fascinating.  Long becomes compelling.

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