Friday, December 6, 2013

Who Pays the Pipers?

An op-ed piece in the Sunday NYTimes (Dec. 1, 2013) is about the absence in our economic system for the independent voice in the humanities.  Sports are heavily subsidized by governmental agencies large and small.  Sports generate money, big-time.

What do the arts and humanities generate?

What have you gained from the selfless dedication of a writer, painter, musician, thinker?  Need it be that a monetary value be associated with everything?  Well, the rent has to be paid.

Come on.  Support the blogger at  You can do it!

In fact, there are now two ways to do it:
1) In defiance of all logic, much the way artists and other independents do it, by subscribing, on the Books and CDs page at the link above.
2) In accordance with prevailing tax logic, by making a tax-deductible gift to support Tonal Refraction, which you may do on-line on the Financial Support page at the link above.

Either way I invite you to get involved.  You cannot imagine how much this work means to me.

Perhaps you can imagine how much your support would mean to me.