Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today I had an interesting conversation about teaching music. Why would anyone want to do that, I mean really want to really do that, as opposed to having it be a default way to make a living?

Look at it this way: music is a gift. If you are fortunate enough to have that gift you must have observed that people around you -- family, friends, acquaintances -- often envy the gift. The good news is that it is readily shared.

If luck is with you you share it as a performer. If you are not so fortunate you can find other ways to enrich your life by imparting the best aspects of your gift to others, teaching being an obvious option.

The question really is how are you going to teach: Will it be to have as miserable a time as possible, constantly reminding yourself of your failure to "make" it as a performer? Or will you find ways to keep your spark alive and growing by responding to the individuality of your students -- that is, by treating them the way you would like still to be treated, as both unique and privileged?