Friday, April 11, 2014

Roses That Are Looked At

Nothing will improve a player's progress or self-esteem like the knowledge that they have been heard, seriously listened to, i.e., taken seriously in the terms in which they delivered their message.

Not that the message need necessarily conform to any known model.

Too often the assumption is that a teacher only knows how to listen in relation to known models.  I do not listen that way.  I will take you at face value, no matter who you are, whether an autistic child or a far-out-radical composer type.  I know how to listen because I have been practicing listening without bias for several decades. This was one of the most difficult challenges I ever set for myself, since most music instruction (on all levels) has to do with "getting it right." 

I have helped many individuals progress in both their progress and their self-esteem.

I call it Music Inside and Out.  Perhaps I can help you.