Thursday, May 29, 2014

"I Hate Beethoven But I Laughed Out Loud!"

This is a quote from a musician and teacher who came last night to hear the "Spring" sonata as played by Gregor Kitzis, violin, and myself, using the shared resonance of the instruments as the subject matter of the piece.  It was truly a blast.  She wasn't the only one who laughed aloud.  So did Gregor, and so did I.

Now this is one of those notoriously long and difficult works that are overplayed without questioning, so overawed are we poor souls in relation to the overblown notion of Beethoven's greatness.

Sound is endlessly fascinating.  Let a genius fool around with it whose mind is entirely occupied with vibrations and you will get something like this sonata that evokes humor and engagement at so many levels that words cannot do it justice.

Another audience member -- also a musician and teacher as well as a composer -- chose rather to miss a train than a movement ...