Monday, December 10, 2012

Anderszewski plays Bach

Not since the days of Artur Rubinstein have I enjoyed an evening in and around Carnegie Hall as I did on December 6 when Piotr Anderszewski played an all-Bach program.  What made it so special was that total strangers conversed about the playing, about his artistry, about the music, the conversation not restricted to the hall but extending also to fellow riders on the uptown bus.

Anderszewski stands out among pianists because of his commitment to his own joy, his growing depth.  I need not agree with him on all points musical, but that is enough to make me a firm fan.  His standards are the highest in every department; he puts himself on the line, fearlessly.

This enables him to exceed all limits: He plays faster, slower, louder and, most notably, softer than almost anyone around.  The place was all ears even into the remarkable silences.

A great artist.