Thursday, October 17, 2013

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The readership of this blog keeps rising, I am happy to note.  I maintain the blog out of a sense of devotion to the topic(s) and because I know that my thoughts correspond to the innermost instincts of many "ordinary" folks -- that is borne out in my teaching of children and other real creatures.

It is one of the hazards of our time that such devotion does not pay the rent.  It has become even more hazardous as commerce exercises the marketplace censorship of conformity and the internet is entirely ad-driven. 

It need not be the case.  Please, please: If you derive any small insight, any shred of something worth thinking about or listening to more carefully, support it.

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A Rest! What MIght It Mean?

If it's by Mozart it means "Watch out!"  You never know with him.  More often than not it is a deceptive tactic inserted into the line to tease you into thinking you know what you're doing when it turns out that it was put there merely to call attention to a line by interrupting it.

He has been known to do this sometimes at double bars; also between movements.

I know: you were taught, as I was, that phrases had beginnings and ends and that rests were one indication of punctuation.  Ah me! another lesson to outlive.