Friday, December 17, 2010

The trouble with the printed page is that it is easily reproduced--visually reproduced. The trouble with reading, whether language or music, is that no two people comprehend what they are reading in quite the same way.

Children are as capable of insightful reading as adults, often even more so. The same is true for amateurs vis a vis professionals. The absence of pretense to regulation reading makes these two populations valuable to me. Why not to everyone?

Why is the music establishment so threatened by non-conformity?

Surely Mozart, Beethoven or Bach, not to mention Chopin and Schumann and a few others, would not have lasted long in a conventional music school. (Maybe that should read: "should not have lasted ....")

I find that when singularity meets singularity the delight is immense, the fascination endless. But the singularity of the listener needs to be reinforced no less than that of the creative artist.