Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Okay.  Today it happened.  For the first time since I have been keeping this blog its readership in Russia has topped that in the United States. 

I want to know who you are, you Russians who are reading this.  And I want to know what you make of it.

The reason for my curiosity is my fascination with international and intercultural influence.  Since the 1980s the influx of musicians from Eastern Europe (largely Russia) has had an impact on musical life in NYC in general, and on my professional life in particular.

Part of the result of that has been a clarification of my thinking on all kinds of musical subjects.  But it is only since removing myself from the need to be diplomatic about my thinking that I am able to express my thoughts directly.

So I want to know what you make of my comments. Tell me what your musical involvement is, whether professional or not does not matter.  Please let me know by posting comments on the blog.  Thanks!