Monday, December 22, 2014

As Easy as Possible, Please

When rehearsal time started to equal money rather than substance, or engagement, music went the way of industrialization and we are still reeling under the effect.

Why else should every element of notated music have been transformed into crutches on which to lean so as not to have to think or feel a thing?  (I'm talking about bar lines and synthesizers.) 

The art of music has to do with tension: tension between tones, which we call dissonance, and tension against the pull of the beat, which we call good vocalism or lyricism.

It takes real dedication to transcend the limitations thus imposed, and they do seem to be universal in this under-funded world that necessitates a fine musician taking far too many jobs in order to make ends meet.

I guess that's what dates me, more than my age:  I always thought you were supposed to do your job well, not do a lot of jobs half-heartedly.