Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We Has Met the Enemy

When I was about 15 I recognized the invasion of my precious musical space by an alien element: not an E.T., but an L.P.

I had the kind of quick auditory memory that relished first hearings, especially of sounds completely new to me:  I had heard my first live string quartet at the age of 6 and I will never forget the setting, the impact of the sound.  It was not a concert, at a Christmas church service;  I was in no way prepared for such a surprise and I have no idea what the music was:  it does not matter.

So, looking forward to my newly purchased L.P. of Arthur Grumiaux and Clara Haskil performing Mozart Piano and Violin Sonatas, I was instantly turned off by the cold quality of the sound as by the knowledge that I had no desire to hear it twice, for that would be the ultimate oxymoron.

We can really hear only once.  Every subsequent hearing must be as newly heard.

Do you voluntarily repeat yourself in conversation?