Monday, August 25, 2014

Hearing Incorrectly

The sound that most people call music is so filtered by the time we hear it that I question whether it is actually music and whether it is possible, in fact, to truly hear it.

Listening implies a kind of vulnerability, openness to whatever it might turn out to be.  Music is too often a fait accompli:  it's already been done; I know how it goes; it does not require my attention in order to unfold.  (Been there; done that.)

We need to relearn how to hear incorrectly.  Tonal Refraction gives permission to do exactly that.  This freedom has been life-changing for many people whose vulnerable hearing was never given room to develop within the context of music.  Such people may actually develop negative responses to that restrictive approach: stage fright, muscle tension, even focal dystonia.

All it takes for most people is three private sessions to unlock the floodgate of unfiltered hearing--so profound is it within us.