Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Recital Schedule October - January

Continuing the in-house recitals celebrating now two things:
  • Full recovery from hand surgery in 2007
  • Newly rebuilt piano action restoring my Mason & Hamlin 2012 grand to its full magnificence
And celebrating also the affinity of Dvorak with Schubert:
Four programs each featuring a Schubert sonata along with Impromptus, Moments Musicaux, and
works by Dvorak: Dumka, Scottish Dances, Humoresques and miscellaneous pieces
Second Saturdays and Third Sundays
October 13             October 21      Schubert Sonata in E-flat, Op. 122
November 10         November 18                 Sonata in A minor., Op. 42
December 8            December 16                  Sonata in G, Op. 78
January 12              January 20                      Sonata in B-flat, Op. post.

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Not for YouTube

Why don't I post a YouTube video of my students playing?  Interesting question.

It is impossible to video-tape what happens in a room when people are totally listening.  My students totally listen to one another; they totally listen to themselves; they command attention.   They grow in devotion to their own and to each other's playing out of knowing that they listen and that they are listened to.

It sounds so simple, yet the word "listen" is not easy to define.  I have had to learn how to do it in order to reach the creative core of the children I teach.  No two of them are alike; therefore I must learn to hear them as the individuals they are.

I recall asking an esteemed colleague when I was a young teacher why piano students were not taught to listen.  "It takes too long."