Sunday, December 7, 2014

Important Questions, Perhaps Unanswerable

Should one pose unanswerable questions?

Silly question.  Should you open yourself to experiences you cannot define?  Must you always be taking photographs of things rather than simply be taking them in?  What does it mean to possess an intangible?

I dreamed last night of an event that took place 11 years ago this month - an unforgettable concert that I shared with my daughter in Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, my all-time favorite room in which to perform.  We were both in as close to heaven as one is allowed to get.  I remember her commenting to the audience on what a special room it is, particularly the chandeliers.  All of that was in my dream, as was her dress.

That dress was made for the occasion out of remnants of the most dreamlike shades of pink/coral/salmon/orange formed into petals by her favorite East Village dressmaker.  A complete original.  Nowhere is there a photo of it. 

It has become its own unanswerable question.