Thursday, December 12, 2013

End of the Year, Folks!!

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I invite you.

I urge you.

More about Nano-seconds

Last night I attended a performance to which I had been invited by a dear friend.  Though the seat was excellent, third row center, I sat on the edge of it during only one of the eight (count them) Baroque pieces on the program.  This was occasioned by the superb vocalism of Colin Carr's cello playing of a Boismortier cello concerto.  Wow! is all I can say.

Tones actually not equal-tempered but yearning to be higher or lower.  Surprises all the time as he went beyond virtuosity into the realm of "Wait 'til you hear this!"  I literally couldn't wait; I listened as if I were playing myself.

The others?  Business, I'm afraid, as usual.  Beats, lots of beats and the usual sorts: upbeats and downbeats.  After three sets in a row I would look for more interesting employment.   The result corresponds all too well to the prevailing standard of classical performances.  I'm sure the players were having a good time but it was, with that one outstanding exception, far removed from nano-second territory.