Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Non-repetitive music

Last night I went to hear the most inspiring performer I follow:  some of you have already guessed, it is my daughter, Rachelle, performing together with bassist Dave Hofstra at Barbes in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Twice after the performance I had exchanges with fans of hers with whom I had not previously spoken.  One had heard her only on CDs, never live, and was astounded at how different the experience was.  The other, who hears her live shows on a regular basis, as do I, commented that it is the most non-repetitive music he knows of.

To the first I remarked that when she first started making CDs she purposefully produced objects that could not be replicated in a live show.  These artifacts reflect as much the technology that produced them as the artistry that produces her songs.  You will never hear even an approximation of the recording when you hear her live.

To the second fan I pointed out that. because she never studied music--in fact, that she declined to learn to read it when I offered to show her how--her ear is free of any notion that might slow it down or freeze sound in any way.

It is a matter of the vitality of the ear.

I am inspired by her and continue to learn from her ear-pure musicianship which informs not only my own playing, but also my teaching.