Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First off, apologies for having missed a couple of days. I am surprised to discover this, as it feels as if I am in constant conversation with you.

Principally I have been thinking about the invisible skill of listening. Respect for the voices of others gets high priority in this skill. It presumes that the others have something to say.

In terms of music that is a tricky issue. Getting it right means doing it like everyone else, no? Winning the competition means you do it better and faster, not that you are more interesting--heaven forbid.

Why does a child get "into" music? The next question might be where does a child get into music. Nothing improves familial relations more than privacy. Nothing fosters musical growth more than privacy. There are too many stories of family relationships gone sour over someone's practicing.

No wonder so many kids end up jamming in garages and basements.