Saturday, January 4, 2014

Music Inside and Out

Get the Music Inside to Match the Music Outside

Let your inner ear converse with the music you love
No matter how difficult, no matter how easy,
music engages your innate sense of musical logic

Playing a sonata need not be like climbing a mountain
               “Mistakes” can put you in touch with the composer
               Technical difficulties can become fascinating

You can learn to trust your own musical sense despite years of obedient instruction.

Having worked since 1975 on validating the vital inner life of hearing of pianists, chamber musicians, and singers, Nancy Garniez is offering private instruction to musicians of all instruments, all levels, all ages.

Whether or not you have time to practice,
whether your skills are advanced or elementary,
this approach can transform your playing and your listening.

I am located in NYC.  Get in touch if this speaks to you.