Wednesday, May 7, 2014

All the Way to Seoul on bits of String, in fact, on String Improvisations

Fire and Black Ice / Shag Rug 35" x 55" Wool/alpaca
To support my upcoming trip to present Tonal Refraction at the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition in Seoul, Korea, I am having a silent auction to sell seven one-of-a-kind works of fiber art  (called STRing Improvisations because they support Tonal Refraction) that I crochet, one "brick" at a time, on the subways and buses of NYC.  These rugs, throws or wall hangings are crafted of recycled fibers, mostly wool.  Directions on how to bid will be at as will more photos.  These will hopefully pique your curiosity.

Fire and Black Ice Detail