Monday, May 26, 2014

Charitable Purposes

Now that all of education, including college level, is being rated in terms of monetary value, I feel compelled to connect this to another item in the news--the increasing use of heroin in our culture.

What is value?  What is worth living for? Where does the motivation come from to get up every day and pursue something of lasting value?

That must be where the arts come in. 

That must be where the people who do live in order to make money encounter the obligation to provide, not charity, but support for that other working population who devote themselves to the business of giving meaning, i.e., hope to the broken.

Support!  Support!  Support!

And if you can't, get someone you know who can to step up to the plate.

Buy a book from a small independent publisher; buy a ticket to a new off-Broadway play; go to a private recital (!); support this blog.