Monday, August 11, 2014


First order of business now that I am back from Seoul, Korea:  Thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way to my work.  Without your support I would not have been able to accomplish my work and certainly not to have undertaken that journey.

The support has taken two forms, the most evident of which is monetary.  This can be counted and tracked -- that is the easy part.  The second is more complex in that it has taken the form of responsiveness to my playing, writing, and teaching.  This can be neither counted nor tracked.  Sometimes it takes decades for the memory of an experience to penetrate the subconscious and reveal its power -- we have Proust to thank for substantiating that (as we have Proust to thank for the word "refraction" to name that event), and it may take many years for a pedagogy to yield its true result -- this was the conclusion reached by several of the academics presenting at the conference.

To all of you, including readers of this blog whom I have never met in person, my warmest thanks.