Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thank you!

To the few loyal and responsive readers of this blog who annually contribute to its continuing, many thanks! 

The blog is important to me for several reasons: It is, as are all blogs, a place to rant and rave without editorial (or commercial - often the same thing) interference.  It is also a means for me, and hopefully for you, dear reader, to keep track of how complex this music thing is.  Just when you think you've got it, surprise!, a whole new area lights up.

This applies to teaching as well as to making music.  When I tire of either one I will become a professional potato masher - not that I have anything against either potatoes or those fortunate souls who get paid (!) for mashing them.

Everyone reading the blog thanks you who support it. 

An easy way to join them is at where a link takes you to Fractured Atlas, the arts-services non-profit which enables you to make a credit card tax-deductible gift. 

Thank you!